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Gaussian vs SI units

  1. Jan 18, 2013 #1

    I was reading about a comparison betw. Gaussian and SI units and the author states "The main advantage of Gaussian units is that they make fundamental physical issues and theoretical relations involving electromagnetic phenomena more clear."

    Would someone know -

    is the advantage of the Gaussian units (over SI) partly due to using CGS (cm, g, s) vs using (m, kg, s)? I would think the answer to be "no" but wanted to see what others have to say...

    Then, the above advantage would mostly be due to the way an electric charge is defined in Gaussian units, correct?

    Thank you.
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    Your understanding is correct. The real difference has to do with electromagnetic units.
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    just read another strong statement... "Nevertheless, it is unlikely that Gaussian units will ever be completely abandoned, because they are so superior for fundamental physical questions."

    Wow. Is this because the Maxwell's equations/Coulomb law have simpler form in Gaussian units?
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