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GaussMeter recorder

  1. Dec 14, 2007 #1
    How big/tough a portable recorder GaussMeter project would be?

    It does not need to be light (tho not heavier/bigger than a laptop?) and it does not need to be nice looking. The realtime reading can be anything (Galva/LED/...) and sampling rate 1/second is fast enough (even too fast; as 1/5sec would be accurate IMO). It shall be able to write data to any media that can then be read on a PC (MagCard/usb stick-link/... whatever) at same sampling rate. Field range of Gaussmeter need to read in the mG to few tenths of Gauss.

    Idea is to have a wearable EMF recorder for further analysis/statistic. Carried all day by different people would help define who face the most exposures and where they are. Cheap would be good too as it would be possible to make more samples to have better sampling of data.

    Thanks for your time.
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    Thanks; I know those, but wanted to have a more 'adapted' system; hence designed to the needs. I already have some products like this and they are useful.
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