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Gawd i hate these people

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    Do you ever just run into these people who'se thought processes are just so incredibly insane that you just want to slam your head into the wall until you passout and die? EXAMPLES:

    1) The people who tell you that their rationale for gambling in any sense is that they always say "well the odds are 50/50, i either win or i lose!". I mean if that were the case, i should have won the lottery about 10 times by now.

    2) The people who refuse to make choices in their lives because they say their decisons won't matter (and i'm not talking about this philisophical freewill thing). For example, one girl i know started drinking young and I tell her "you better watch out or you're going to become an alcoholic" and her response is "Well it doesn't matter what i do, i'll either become an alcoholic or not, it's my destiny"

    3) The guy (not people because i don't think women do this to any great extent) that insists on touching anything and everything that looks complicated. You know the type. In a hospital, they're the ones messing with all the nice equipment meant to keep people alive. Why not press this? What does this button do? Well that doesn't look right, i better change it.

    4) The people who feel their profession/job/skill base applies to 99% of things in life. You know who i'm talking about. The guy who thinks his computer knowledge is the key to fixing a car. I'm not talking about the guy who thinks the electrical system in a car is exactly like a computer... i'm talking about the guy who thinks the solution to your hichuping engine is to replace it.

    5) People who talk on cell phones everywhere with 0 consideration to who is around them and how loud they talk. What are these people thinking? How are they thinking? Are they even thinking? Have a certain portion of the human population evolved into this monsterous blob of inconsideration?

    6) Crackpots and the people who are really ignorant of science that jump at the idea that they may circumvent 100 years of human knowledge with a doodle and 2 lines of math (or none at all). I think russ said it beautiful once: "Do you think scientists are stupid?" when some guy did that 2nd law of thermodynamics vs. evolution thing. How can someone really grow up to think that it's very possible that 5 seconds of their own thought may very well undermine thousands of scientists and hundreds of years of work in scientific fields? How can someone have such an ego?

    What do you want to add to this list? Add to the drunks, gamblers, and IV pullers. People that either have the most contradictory or dangerous or inane thought processes.
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    I do this all the time. It's my way of telling them half an hour of waiting for someone to have a look at me is excessive. Make me wait and I'm going to start experimenting with your toys.
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    People who say Gawd....who are you Jessica Simpson? Oh yeah, and people who can't park inside the white lines.
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    I think these aren't set personalities of specific people, but just some things that everyone does at some point. We all take turns at these things. Maybe some people more than others, but those some people are good at other things too. It's that sacred law of engineering, if you give to A, you must take from B. The thing is, people aren't set in stone, and everybody is constantly changing their A's and B's, to different magnitudes, not to mention that there seem to be an infinate number of A's and B's.
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    That one's a real pet peeve of mine. It drives me nuts when someone starts fiddling with stuff they don't belong touching. I just want to slap their hands away and tell them, "Didn't your parents ever teach you to sit still and keep your hands to yourself?"
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    Religious fanatics. Are they really saying something important?
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    I seen people that said well the odds 80/20 there's 20 chance.
    I call them the "whatever I don't care kill myself"people.I hate these people too If they don't care what they do with there own life then whould they care what they do with other's.They seem to try to "recurit"
    people in drinking,drugs etc. and that's what I hate about them
    Those people seem like they think everthing is there property.
    I only take advice form people whose job is whatever I need advice on.But there times where I do like them when they apply there knowlage to things outside of there profession/job/skill for example:A computer guy who puts computers in his car with GPS system to help with navigation and you can Internet while driving.
    There just Idoit's.They're very ignorant about what there talking about here's an example:Some guy decides go out of the office when there excepting an importent phone call.So he tells him to call him on his cell phone.He answears the phone while in a crowed.Everone can hear him.The person is calling for the passwords to the companys central server so he says the password out lould while everone hears him.Very smart thing to do escpially when you work for a bank...
    I blame popular secince for this.They never fully explain everthing about a new theory and they don't even take the time to show what crictisim there is about a new theory.I still wonder why secientist are even doing interviews with popular secience magizines/websites.
    I have an idea to counter these Crackpot theorist.It's pretty common for Crackpot theorist for them to offer money if anyone proves them worng and try get the money.If they don't we sue them(not we as in PF'ers we as in anyone who doesn't like crackpot theorist) I know it seems stupid and probally sueing whouldn't work.Also we should try to put warnings out for other science and physics sites/fourms about these theories and try to convince them to have the same police as PF does.So crackpot theroies won't sperd as far.We should also try to get popluar secience magizine/websites to do articles about these crackpot theories(I know I balme popluar secience for crackpot theories but I think they can help)
    I think wouldn't to hard if someone could write an article about these theories and show the readers why there worng.This would really prevent Crack theories.
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    I hate people.

    But I'm not prejudiced. I hate every one equally.
  10. Mar 4, 2006 #9
    The two things I cannot stand without wanting to kill someone.

    1. People who can't do a day's work without screwing up, but yet think they're a genius. Inept, pathetic, hopeless bunglers who somehow delude themselves into believing they're smart and hold the answer to the mystery of life.

    2. Little children who can't sit still for five minutes without turning on a TV or video game. God, I can't tell you how much I hate undiciplined kids, and their parents who, by their neglect, are screwing up their lives. "Oh, let's give John another toy and hamburger, he's so cute". Why don't we just take their minds and turn it into mush while we shove fat-pills down their throats?
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    I hate people who hate people...

    hmm... then that would mean that I hate myself...

    I hate people who hate people, and I love people who love people...

    hmm... that would mean that I can't decide if I hate myself or if I love myself...

    I hate people who hate people, I love people who love people, and I like people who can't decide.

    there we go, all settled.
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    Self consistency is a wonderful thing, eh?
  13. Mar 4, 2006 #12

    Ivan Seeking

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    For me it's the people who give answers when they really don't know. This is one of the greatest frustrations in my work. I have learned to be like Muldur - trust no one, ever - but in the beginning I did, and all totaled this cost me weeks worth of work without pay.
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    Come on Ivan, you can use that 40KV generator in that 20KV port :approve:
  15. Mar 4, 2006 #14
    I think so... ya, I'd agree. But there is an exception, when someone is trying to be 100% hypocritical, they are completely inconsistant, but that would mean that they are consistant in being inconsistant... hmm
  16. Mar 4, 2006 #15
    I hate people who change their tastes in order to be seen as "cool" by others that they want to impress...

    "Ya I like Limp Bizkit! In fact I was on my way to go buy a couple t-shirts and a hat and maybe even get one of thier albums!"

    I hate people who brag about things they haven't done.

    "Ya I've gone skydiving. I was the best at it too... I landed perfectly! right where I wanted to on the first try!"
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    I honestly couldn't say I hate anybody. I'm pretty indifferent to all of the types you described. Even the most annoying of persons can still be effectively ignored. Why raise my blood pressure over something I have no control over? I'm not the master of all humans; let them be dumbasses.
  18. Mar 5, 2006 #17


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    What if they were your conjoined twin?
  19. Mar 5, 2006 #18
    That's the definition of a physisist surely :smile:

    I hate mobile phones anyway I think they are just fashion statements in 50% of people who use them, it's kind of like a fad that got out of hand.

    I dont hate anyone but I do find anyone who inisists on believing something despite a hundred and one pieces of evidence to the contrary very annoying. Usually fundementalist religous types. I think you know what I mean :smile:
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