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Gay people in science

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    I've found a closed topic related to this:


    Still, I wonder what people think about gay people in science, or being gay in general.

    I have gay and straight friends too, but only a few of them studies some field of science.
    Do you have any thoughts? I've got confused... I know there are people who "can't understand being gay", that's ok, but I can't accept them insulting gay fellows just because of their homosexuality.

    Any ideas are appreciated! :)
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    Prejudice will always be around whenever people are divided.

    Whether its homosexuality or something else, there is always going to be something. The thing however is that thankfully, many of these kinds of prejudices seem to be becoming more diluted as people come to accept things like sexual orientation, race, gender and whatever other kind of discrimination that might exist which is a good sign.
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    I know what you mean. More and more seem to accept these things, still I'm not sure what exactly is behind those antigay, racist etc thoughts. Is it a function of social circumstances, or intelligence?
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    Gay people are no different than anyone else. There are many gay scientists on this forum and you'd never guess it if they didn't tell you.

    Also, when you see a topic locked, it means don't start up the same topic without permission.
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