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GCC XL20/600 Board

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    Hello guys,
    I am trying to find a technical diagram for a GCC XL20 printer. I am trying to get the 600 resolution to go up to 800 or 1200. They all use the same engines but I can't find the firmware or the utility to backup and flash the rom. they are flashabe. The roms are intel E28F800B5B70, any ideas how to get pass the buckle neck on the printer?
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    http://www.retrevo.com/s/GCC-XL-20%2F1200-Printers-review-manual/id/23011dj086/t/1-2/ [Broken]
    Looks like you could get the manual there.

    Your query is already on Google.
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    The manual doesn't give any configuration at board level, and it doesn't show how to get the resolution any higher.

    It's not a technical manual.
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