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Ge force 2 monitor refresh rate fuziness above 60 Hz

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  1. Sep 8, 2005 #1
    This is very technical. I've just got hold of a lovely Mitsubishi Diamondplus 230 sb monitor. It's only 2 years old and still under warranty. However I have a serious compatibility problem with my GeForce 2 MX 400 card. Thescreen luks fuzzy, not blurred at any refresh rate over 60 hz. In fact 60 hz is only slightly blurred and most folks would not notice. The higher you go in Hz, the worse it gets. In fact for me any rate over 60 is not good. Links 03 golf looks very poor whatever refresh rate is set (I think the game sets its own refresh rate)Mitsubishi support say should be pin sharp at all refresh rates. Im running at 1280 x 768. lower resolutions give sharper text but refresh rate problems persist. Some might say I'm being picky, but I'm not. Let me explain. I tried 3 monitors on my system last night, and put my monitor on another system too. Here are the results.:
    GeForce 2 card. Win 98
    Diamond plus 230 SB 22" - fuzzy above 60hz.
    Diamond Pro 92 19" similar to a lesser extent, superb sharpness on 60hz.
    Siemens 19p10 similar to an even lesser extent but not as sharp at 60Hz as D-pro 92 yet sharper at higher resolutions.

    ATI Rage II 64 card (m_64) in a P233 system - win ME:
    Diamond plus 230 sb - pin sharp and rock steady at all resolutions - 120 Hz included.

    I'm stumped as to why this is. Could it be a faulty card or a driver problem? Could it be a cable problem? I was round my friends tonight, he has a P3 system (500 MHZ I think) and a 97 Toshiba 17" monitor. HIs ATI Rage Pro card (3d acellerated I think because Tiger woods 2001 detected the card as a 3d card) did the same with his monitor, though not as badly. Could it be the fact it's a 3d card? Is the old ati card £D accelerated or not? Has anyone any solutions as I'm almost tearing my hair out? I'm thinking of ditching the card for a basic radeon.
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    You need to upgrade your Geforce 2 MX card. It is probably equivalent to a Nvidia TNT. Whenver Nvidia tacks on MX to any of their cards it means that the card is a generation older than the front part of the name. For example, a Geforce 4 MX is really a regular old Geforce 3.

    That being said, you definitely need to look into upgrading your graphics card.
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