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Ge-Force FX 5200

  1. Oct 22, 2003 #1
    Currently I have a bog standard Ge-Force 3. It's holding it's own, I can run Unreal Tournament 2003 with pretty much everything set to full. It falls down a little with Unreal II but I can let that go.
    Now, Unreal Tournament 2004 will be coming out soon and I don't think that it will run properly on my machine, so I'm contemplating getting a new graphics card. The Ge-Force FX 5200 with 256Mb RAM.

    My question is this, is it worth it? Will there be a bottleneck kind of problem, where the rest of the machine is too slow for the graphics card.

    My spec is:

    AMD Athlon 1800+ MP
    512Mb RAM
    Maxtor 40Gb HDD
    QDI Motherboard (I'd never heard of them before either)

    Thanks for even reading this far. By the way, if you do think I'll have a bottleneck, what type of graphics card would you recommend that I get instead. (Of course I'd really love to got on a shopping spree at alienware, but that's a little too pricey.)
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  3. Oct 22, 2003 #2
    Price per Performance I've heard that the only good FX card is the 5900. Personally I got a nice TI4200 for $100 and tweaked it to match a TI4600. That is your best bet.
  4. Oct 23, 2003 #3
    How do you tweak a graphics card? I have downloaded the latest XP drivers for the card but I can't really see how I can improve it's performance with those, although there was a driver a while back that would let you overclock your GPU.

    There are three (well four really) Ge-Force FX card's that I know of, the 5200, the 5600 and the 5900. Originally the best one in this series was the 5800 but this turned out to be crap so they replaced it with the 5900.

    Would it be worth my while upgrading to a Ge-Force 4 from a Ge-Force 3? That's the new question. Maybe I should just get a new PC.
    I'm sure I won't have these problems when I'm a millionaire aerodynamics expert but right now it's frustrating. :frown:

    By the way, when I am a millionaire, I'll be sure to donate to Physics Forums. :smile:
  5. Oct 23, 2003 #4
    I went from a Geforce 3 to Geforce 4 TI4200, when tweaked it makes a huge difference ans is worth it. You can download tweak programs for the geforce that can increase the memory and core speed.
  6. Oct 23, 2003 #5
    Where did you say I could download those from? Maybe I can tweak my GF3 before I get a new card.
  7. Oct 23, 2003 #6
    IMO you would be better off going with ATI cards at the moment. Dollar for dollar they are out performing the Nvidia cards.
  8. Oct 23, 2003 #7
    Another line of inquiries to pursue, I'd never even thought about getting an ATI before (well not since the FX came out).
  9. Oct 31, 2003 #8
    I recently purchased a Radeon 9800 Pro. Very satisfied. Before giving in and buying an ATI I did however buy a Geforce FX 5900 Gainward, which I had to RMA, twice. And now looking at current benchmarks in games I'm very much so grateful that the Nvidia cards came DOA. With the current 9800 XT's coming onto the market I can forsee the 9800 Pro's undergoing a price slashing(Pro's only being 10% slower then the XT's). I've also heard (assuming you can still find them) the 9500 Pro's are great cards, but may be replaced by the upcoming 9600 XT's. All things relative I would recommend an ATI. Six months ago I was die-hard pro-Nvidia.

    By the way, the new 5950's were recently benchmarked and found to be lacking...

    To further append my post, I saw your system specs, mine are lower and I get no huge fps drops in tech demos or games. 3500 in 3dMark2003, ect, ect.
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  10. Oct 31, 2003 #9
    By DOA, I assume that you mean Dead On Arrival, however I don't know what RMA means. It's only a small point but could you clear it up for me please?

    I had heard that the 5950's had been released but I couldn't find anything much about them. It's a bit stupid of Nvidia to release another duff card so soon after the 5800, it's not like it's something they wouldn't notice.

    I used to believe that AMD and ATI were the way forward, but I seem to have switched ends to Intel and Nvidia. I still get the feeling that the Intel's are a little sluggish but they are a lot safer (in the sense of clock throttling).
    It might just be the publicity that surrounds Intel and Nvidia that is working it's magic on me but I suppose the only true way to find out would be to buy four PC's (one for each combination). That's just a distant dream right now. [zz)] Until it becomes a reality I'll just have to check out benchmark scores.
  11. Oct 31, 2003 #10
    Tom's Hardware is good for checking benchmarks and what have you. RMA basically means return for refund + redtape. As far as cpu's are concerned, four months ago I would have recommended a p4/ddr500 combo, but as of right now who knows.

    I don't really go for the Intel is to Nvidia as AMD is to ATI line of thought myself. I tend to just go with what combos work for what is available.
  12. Nov 6, 2003 #11


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    Return Merchandise Authorization. Its something you get from the company that allows you to return something.
  13. Nov 7, 2003 #12
    I was under the impression that you could return stuff to them even when they say no refunds (as long as you can prove it wasn't working when you got it home or something).
    Thanks for the explanation all the same though.
  14. Jan 4, 2004 #13
    IM happy with my GeForce FX 5200
  15. Jan 5, 2004 #14
    Other than the fact that the Ge-Force FX 5200 is power hungry and I had to buy a new power supply just because of it, I'm pretty happy with mine as well.
  16. Jan 6, 2004 #15
    Thanks again guys.

    I need a new PSU anyway, I've filled 4/5 of my PCI slots and I've got power hungry fans on my CPU and Graphics card. Oh yeah, and the fan in my PSU is running slow (broken, dust... I don't know why).
  17. Jan 10, 2004 #16
    I think that your computer will be able to handle this game

    mine is able to handle it and my specs are:

    cpu: 1.7ghz
    DDR RAM:512mb
    Videocard:Geforce4 w/128mb DDR RAM

    Yes the new videocard is DEFINATELY a good way to go... then you dont have to worry about the lag or bad graphics of other videocards

    fust make sure that you get a agp card NOT a pci card... believe me agp is the way to go
  18. Sep 25, 2004 #17
    Windows update fails to install FX 5200 update

    I hope someone can help me.
    I recently installed a Ge Force FX 5200 graphics card.
    Windows update showed that an update is available for the card.
    I downloaded it but before the installation could complete, I got a message saying installation failed.

    I thought I should go to the manufacturers site to download it from there, or, get an explanation as to what is wrong, but I cannot find the site with google.

    Is there anyone who can help me find a location to download the update or to explain what the problem is?

    I will be extremely grateful for the help :smile:
  19. Sep 25, 2004 #18


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    Nvidia you need the unified video drivers for you operating system.
  20. Sep 25, 2004 #19
    Do not buy a 5200 is it is possible, they are slow, and on par with a geforceti4200 128MB
    go for a 9600pro, or a geforce Ti 4600 128MB
  21. Sep 26, 2004 #20
    windows update fails to install FX 5200 update

    My sincere and grateful thanks for your help. :smile:
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