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Gear box casing design

  1. Apr 20, 2012 #1
    Dear All,

    Can someone give a specific answer to the question 'What is advantage of using Cast steel over Cast Iron in gear box casings.'

    Or let me put it like this we have changed our specifcation from CI to CS for Gear Box casing(gear boxes for belt conveyors),now we want revert back due to time consraint.

    Any disadvantage????


    Thanks for help in anticipation.
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    Please take this as just an un-educated thought, rather than the opinion of an expert. In past dealings with cast iron, it had a tendency to be somewhat brittle. Also, it's damned difficult to weld. Steel offers a bit of flexibility in use. I can't immediately think of steel having an advantage over iron for a gearbox, unless there's some compatibility issue between the case and the material of whatever bearing shells must inhabit it. If it's cheaper, I'd go with it. Wait for a real engineer to answer, though.
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    Different materials have different properties. The task is to select the one that best meets your design objectives. Sometimes that may be one of many iron choices, sometimes steel or something else. Some iron is strong and tough, some very brittle. So the question cannot be answered in such simple terms.
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