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Gear Calculations using exact length for specific time

  1. May 6, 2012 #1
    I have this conveyor which I am trying to automate i.e. It runs for 5 secs and have a pause of 3 sec, this process is continuous.
    I am creating a mechanism where I have a gear of dia 200mm which is fixed (i.e. I cant change its dia) and it is attached to a conveyor.

    Now I am introducing a second gear which is variable (i.e. I can change its dia) Now I am thinking that the second gear should have less number of teeths i.e.

    "sorry i cant use images yet therefore search in google (half tooth gear)."

    because I want a pause of 3 seconds and rotation of 5 seconds in conveyor. I am really confused of how the calculations will be carried out. The rpm of the second gear can also be changed.

    I am using 2*pi*r to get the length of the gear circumference however I am not sure what size should be the second gear and at which speed I should rotate to get a 3 sec pause and 5 sec run. I know its complicated but even a little help will be appreciated.

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