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Homework Help: Gear design

  1. Jul 10, 2009 #1
    Hi ,
    Please I need some help here.
    I’m working on a project .I have to design 3 gear assemblies which run a switchgear inside an enclosure. Here I attach 3 drawings and a picture for the gears. I have to do my calculations and select the specification (diameter, lengthy, cross section, material…etc.) for the 3gears, linkages, shafts, axles, chain, ball joints and frames. Dimensions shown on drawings have to stay the same because they are related to the enclosure dimensions.
    I was provided with the following information:

    The linkage is tested at 5000 Lbs (1100N).
    The mechanical force to apply to the manual operator depends on the type of this operator:
    . For Torsion bar manual operator, the force is 250 N min and 450 N max.
    . For worm gear manual operator, the force is 60N min and 120 N max.
    The torque is calculated consequently.

    Actually I don’t know where to start from, and what other information I need to collect for my job.
    I would really appreciate any help.


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  3. Jul 14, 2009 #2
    Well it seems that this too much information.I will ask simple questions and go step by step.
    How do I calculate the rpm of gear G1?provided that the two gears G1&G2 are rotating at the same speed and connected together with a 28.5" long chain,and the max. force is 450N,and the gear is supposed to rotate 1/4turn only?
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