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Gear design

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    Hello all ,
    We have to design gear to move a weight of 0.2kg over a distance of 0.1905m so we know the torque that comes up to =0.2*9.81*0.1905=0.37361N-m ...how do I decide the diameter ...number of teeth on pinion and driven gear ...wat are all the parameters shuld I consider for designing ..any link would be great to help me ..sorry if the question was novice with very less details ..but want to learn ...so please help me ..thanks a lot in advance
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    Oh, you'll find the world of gears fascinating....[/sarcasm]

    Either way, things to consider when designing gears:
    Number of Teeth on both pinion and gear
    Face with on both
    Type of Gear: Spur, helical
    Pressure Angle
    Diametral Pitch
    Tooth Thicknesses
    Edge Breaks
    Addendum/Dedendum factors
    Root Fillets
    Speeds/Pitch Line Velocities

    Now, it seems as if your task might be a bit more trivial than what I described, could you explain the application a bit more?
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