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Gear Profile

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    Can someone please brief me what is Gleason and Revacycle profiles and what are the major differences between?

    Please help me to find some gear profiles, I've some data with me which is actually not matching empirically with Gleason as well as Revacycle profiles.

    I'm involved into bevel gear (differential) designing ?


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    I remember that "involute of circle" is used for the basic shape of gears. Maybe a web search for "involute circle gears" will lead to more information related to what you're looking for.
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    Revacycle is a method for gear cutting. It is not a profile. I'm not quiteunderstanding what your question is. The tooth form is a variation on the standard involute, usually according to ANSI B92
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    thnks for kind reply. I've used a wrong a wring word as profile is in terms of "involute" or "cycloidal", but again my concern is about Gleason and Revacycle, how both of these methods differ each other?

    Are there any other gear cutting methods apart of Gleason and Revacycle. I've heard of some "Max Trac" technique, which is empirically different from the mentioned methods.

    for e.g. i've a set of formulae for Gleason, when i try to put the basic data like module, diametrical pitch and no. of teeth then i get parametric information which is required to form involute for a bevel gear. Moreover, i get this data cross-verfied from the drawings which contains the complete information.

    Now, further i've some new data (which holds true) is not in line with Gleason formulae.
    I always get some different value (other than mentioned in the new drawing) when i try to use it with Gleason system.
    Please help me to solve out the problem.
    Also i've attached the set of Gleason system with this.



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    I see where you're coming from now. I am definitely not that into gear cutting to help on those kinds of particulars. However, Gleason's site may be a good resource for you:

    http://www.geartechnology.com/copage/gphcut.htm [Broken]

    I do have access to a couple of gear handbooks used in the industry. I'll see if I can do some research on this as well.
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    well...thanks for concern...!!!
    Please try to find "MAX TRAC" cutting method....its a new and emerging technology in the gear cutting methods.
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    Gleason is a company name. They invented bevel gear. It is common called Gleason bevel gear. Revacycle is a straight bevel cutting method invented by Gleason.

    So, basically, the question "What is the main different between Gleason and Revacycle?" is not a proper question.
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