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Gear pump cavi ?

  1. Mar 29, 2010 #1
    gear pump cavi ???

    well dear all we know that gear pump is a positive desplacement pump which has constant dioscharge at different loads my problem is i need an explaination to this sitiuation

    " from 1 month at my work i found a breakdown of lubricating pump used to pump oil on a bearing it was a gear pump
    i found that there is no flow exiting out the pump i checked direction of rotation and pump tempreture i found nothin
    a friend of mine PRIMED the pump and it has worked i found this strange because of the nature of gear pump
    after 2 weeks we found that the electric motor of this pump is burned i dont know why ????
    after this i changed the gear pump with a larger one which worked without any kind of priming
    i dont know whats the different or the meaning of this sitiuation
    pls guys help me ???
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    Re: gear pump cavi ???

    strange things happen!!

    may be the clearance between gear and casing or between two gears, had increased causing back leakage...which might have not able to produce the initial vacuum for the suction.....so might had need priming....and after priming...it could had discharged the liquid but with less efficiency due the back leakage...

    and about your motor....it might had run freely...for some time....or might be overloaded....

    a slight voltage fluctuation can do that...

    all are possibilities as you had asked for the same..

    n definitely your new pump will properly because "It is New!!!"

    sorry...bad joke...but...there will be no casing clearance or gear clearance....
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    Re: gear pump cavi ???

    thanx for your answer i really appriciate this
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