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Gear ratio calculation for a transit bus

  1. May 21, 2010 #1
    Hi there,

    I am simulating the hybrid transit bus,

    Its max speed is at 60 kph, most speed used on road is below 20 kph (more than 60% of its total operation time)

    The bus follows stop-and-go pattern almost all the time.

    The bus is to be fuel cell/battery hybrid, therefore it uses an electric motor as a traction motor

    I need to specify its transmission and not sure if whether I should go for

    1. Manual transmission
    2. Automatic transmission
    3. CVT

    For a transit bus, how do I determine what type of transmission it should be?

    Also, some texts suggest that the traction motor is capable of achieving ideal torque curve therefore a SINGLE gear transmission would suit this. How's this?

    Should I go for a single gear for simplicity or multigear? What is the advantage and disadvantage of single gear?

    Thank you
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