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Gear ratio ?

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    Hi , is anyone studying gear ratios??
    i need some help with calculating the final gear drive..
    i've calculated it at 94.97:1
    is this correct??

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    What are these numbers, diameters, radius, number of teeth?
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    they are number of teeth.
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    Do you want to know whats the end torque? Because without radii, I cant tell you.
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    Follow the train through logically. Starting at the motor:
    Gear 1 to 2: The speed will step down by a factor of 6/43.

    Gear 2 to 3: The speed should stay the same since they are on the same shaft, so it's ratio could be 1/1

    Gear 3 to 4: The speed is reduced again by a factor of 12/40.

    Gear 4 to 5: Again, they are on the same shaft so the ratio should be 1/1.

    Gear 5 to 6: There is another reduction in speed by a factor of 12/39.

    Gear 6 to 7: Same shaft, no change, 1/1.

    Gear 7 to 8: A final reduction in speed of 12/39.

    So where does that leave you?
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    94.62 : 1 thanks fred ..
    how did ya know it was a motor :wink: :smile:
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