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Gear Torque

  1. Apr 25, 2012 #1
    Somebody tell me how to calculate gear torque for gears and also for engineering gearbox like worm reduction gearbox and helical gearbox. Any software or hand book is available to find out gear torque and gearbox torque ?

    Please help me.


    Satish Patel
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    Well, it depends on your input torque. If you have a motor diving your gear, look up the torque coming out of the motor (or calculate it) and then multiply that torque by the reduction ratio. Also, you will lose torque just by the nature of the mechanics. You could factor in a loss of 10% to be safe.

    Otherwise, torque for a gear is

    τ = r * F
    torque = radius * Force

    If you have a input of 10Nm of torque at 10 RPM, and your output gear has twice the radius of the input gear, your Torque will double and your speed will halve. You will end up with 20Nm of torque and 5 RPM.
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