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Homework Help: Gearbox and Materials

  1. Apr 10, 2009 #1

    Please I want your help I want to choose a suitable materials and method of manufacturing for my gearbox, I have designed a gearbox for my assignment to drive a sand drier drum which is containing 2500 kg of sand and will be rotated via a chain and an electric motor of 11 kW, the gearbox is consisting of three stages reduction of speed, the stress in the first stage gears is around 350 MPa, second is 650 MPa and third is 820 MPa, I want to know how to choose a suitable materials, method of manufacturing or what's the best materials for this gears, also the shafts materials which the (stress is around 70 MPa, 45 mm diameter, 160 mm length), and which method of manufacture will be suitable in this situation.

    Thanks for your help
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