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Gearbox torque calculation

  1. Aug 2, 2016 #1
    Hi team
    In my one of the application I have to use the gear box to rotate 500 kg load
    I have to use handwheel to rotate
    I am using the formula
    Torque= force x per. Distance x coefficient of friction
    = 500x.7x.8 : 2800 Nm
    Is it correct to calculate the torque
    I have attached the image for clarity could you please help

    Thanks in advance

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    Your use of coefficient of friction seems incorrect. Moreover you have mentioned that a hand-wheel would be used for rotation but the figure shows something far different from a hand-wheel setup. If you can sketch the actual setup, take a pic of it and post it then it will be easier to answer your question.
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    Hi Benny
    Thanks for your reply
    I have attached the image for your understanding
    The gearbox is mounted to a block
    The block has a guide rod and that swivels when gearbox is operated
    The gearbox is a double reduction gearbox

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