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Gears optimum relation

  1. Sep 18, 2013 #1
    Hi all, i have a doubt. How much teeth in relationship to his radius need to have a gear to be optimal? And, if i have 2 gears with same radius and same #of teeth, to have low friction and low negative effect from weight how much teeth they need to have and with which radius?

    I know it's too generic question, it depends from material of the gear, lubrification type and shape of teeth. But is there a standard table used in industries with gear types and optimal applications?
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    There is no simple answer, but for spur gears you will need at least 20 teeth. The teeth should be as big as possible so they are strong. That sets a maximum number of teeth at about 30.
    Spur gear teeth roll against each other, they do not slide, so there is low friction.
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