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Geek music clip

  1. Jul 26, 2013 #1
    this is the music from the trailer of the new Cosmos series :
    love it
    Have you got any song of this type?
    Here's the trailer if you've not watched yet:
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    It is not exactly the same, but if you like the intro of that song (before it goes bum bum), you'll probably like Explosions in the sky. Do an youtube search.

    Also, what's with the title? Geek music clip?
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    the title...I just couldn't find a word for it...the second part of the trailer had this song.
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    Not my cup of tea. If I listened to the music without looking at the video, I'd guess it was the soundtrack for some space war movie. Meh. The visual effects look great though.

    The music for the original Cosmos just created so much emotion. The theme starts at 50 seconds and goes to 3:32. It just represents the awe of the universe to me.

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    Then I think you'll like this. (best viewed in full screen mode)

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