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Geforce 180.84 driver

  1. Jan 22, 2009 #1
    i once had this driver installed before i reformatted my computer.

    the problem is my computer is not compatible with this driver cuz its for desktops and im on an acer laptop with a geforce 9500.

    before i reformatted i had a program that was able to convert that driver to be compatible with my system. the problem is i cant remember what this program was called.

    its kind of similar to riva tuner i think, just cant remember the name but it worked awesome, anyone know what im talking about?
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  3. Jan 22, 2009 #2
    wow someone can delete this post, i spent hours googling for this program then one last try after i wrote this post i found it, nvidia mobility modder.
  4. Mar 7, 2009 #3
    afaik, u can use Nvidia mobility drivers( they're specifically made for notebooks) directly instead of using the modder
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