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Homework Help: Geiger Counter and Potential Difference

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    In this problem I am getting stuck on how to find the potential difference. I don't know where to begin. In a Geiger Counter suppose the radius of the central wire is 145 micrometers and the radius of a hollow cylinder is 1.80 cm. What potential difference between the wire and the cylinder produces an electric field of 2.00*10^4 V/m at a distance of 1.20 cm from the axis of the wire?
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    Think back to the physics problem of the electric field of concentric (coaxial) conductors.

    What is the relationship between V, E and r for concentric conductors?

    The radius of the outer conductor is 1.8 cm (18 mm), radius of central wire is 145 microns (0.145 mm), and one is asked for V at 1.2 cm. Make sure to use consistent units.
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