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Homework Help: Geiger counter

  1. Sep 21, 2005 #1
    A particular Gieger counter has a metal cylinder with an inner diameter of 2 cm along whose axis is stretched a wire with 44 N of tension. The potential difference between the wire and the cylinder is 890 volts. The wire has a length of 6 cm and an outer diameter of 1.5 X 10-4 cm.
    A. To find the electric field at the surface of wire?
    B To find the electric field at the inner surface of the cylinder

    Vf - Vi = int(E dot ds) from radius of wire to cylinder.
    and E = lemda/2piE0r

    i tried solving like this but i didn't get the answer. Please help
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    It is not clear to me what your goal is? What are you looking for?
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    To find the electric field at the surface of the wire?
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