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Geiger Spectroscopy

  1. Aug 12, 2012 #1
    Can something read, the amount of energy, reflected by the light to determine its properties?

    Is there a scanner that also reads, the wavelength of the light reflected from an object?

    Also is there a way to fix a particle so we could determine the angle of incoming radiation that has been reflected by light.
    My idea is a geiger counter that could be fixed somehow and I expect its a similar idea to scanners.

    Is there such a material as solid hydrogen and can we make a sheet of it and scan an image of it in so much depth that we could determine the light or electricity that has passed through something that has radiated off another substance?

    English is used for differentiation.


    I should be heading back into education and reading for upto 12 years, but please humour me with this atleast.
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