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Gen Chem vs Intro Chem

  1. Dec 12, 2007 #1
    Hope I am posting this question in the correct forum, I was not sure as there are so many. Anyways, I am in finals week for Intro to Chemistry class. It really put me through the ringer, I mean I had a hard time in this class, and yes I studied. Now I need to take Chem 200 or General Chem, and I am somewhat of in a panic. I know Gen Chem must be way more difficult, than Intro chem. Has anyone else had a hard time with Intro Chem but lived through Gen Chem? I also am planning to take Microbio, and pre-calc. Any opinions, or should I run to the nearest Business Dept?

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    It depends entirely on your institution - you need to look at a syllabus and course text book. What is called an intro/general course varies so much.

    Can you talk to the lectures/tutors ?
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