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Gen Chem

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    Which pair of solutions forms a buffer solution when equal volumes of each are mixed?

    a. 0.20 M HCl and .20 M NaOH
    b. 0.40 M HC2H3O2 and 0.20 M NaOH
    c. 0.20 M HCl and 0.20 M NH3
    d. 0.40 M HCl and 0.20 M NH3

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    What is definition of buffer solution? WHat must it contain?

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    Is this Chem II? because I don't know "buffer solution". This problem is in ACS.
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    Yes this is Chem II. There are 2 version of the ACS exam. One is for first semester (chem I) and the gen chem exam is for chem I and II. Was your course I or II? We did a big long chapter on buffers in chem II.
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    Yes, its inorganic II. If you bought the ACS review book, it'll contain both inorganic I & II. But you won't see questions like this on the inorganic I exam.
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