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Homework Help: Gen Chemistry Help?

  1. Aug 20, 2007 #1
    Can someone please get me started on this one homework question? How many molecules of N2 are in a 500mL container at 780mm Hg and 135 degress Celcius?


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    A mole of a gas at STP (0deg C and 1 atmosphere) always occupy the same volume, about 22.4litres.
    The volume expands linearly with absolute temperature and decreases linearly with pressure.
    Call back if you need more hints.
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    1. Questions like this belong in the Homework & Coursework area (near the top of the forum main page);
    2. We typically require you to first show some effort before we can help you.
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    with all the given variables that you are given, what formula should you use?
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