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Gene interaction

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    Can somebody give me good reference and links for gene interaction.I am in dire need of it.

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    What kind of interaction are you looking for?

    Gene-gene interaction (http://www.cdc.gov/genomics/info/reports/research/gene_gene.htm [Broken])
    gene-protein interaction

    or do you mean protein-protein interaction
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    I presume gene-gene interaction is like probing furthur compared to protein-protein interaction...am I right?
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    Why do you need the information? If you aren't sure which you're looking for, how do you know you need it? :confused: One isn't probing further than the other, it's looking at different levels of cellular function.
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    well let me tell it succintly....i need information about the genes that are responsible for different functions in the body and the different activities we do.For example during learning process,and how that information is encoded in gene.

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