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Gene Manipulation

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    In the future ...would the impact of gene manipulation be positive or negative?

    If there are limits to the way the technology is used, it would be positive right? We could cure a lot of diseases....
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    you cant limit the use of technology.
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    Your question is too broad... :tongue:
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    Once you open Pandora's box...

    Genetic manipulation is very powerful. It can be awfully destructive in an infinite ways.

    But it can also be very positive.

    Remember, there isn't a wisdom gene.

    Also, technology is for the rich. We will see it getting used for stupid things rich people pay money for. Not to help poor people or sick people.

    We can also have a situation in which the rich of the rich in the western world have extreme designer babies, like superhumans. When they interbreed their good genes combine and the effect gets even more powerful. Then we have a new kind of humans that also inherit all the money and power. It takes just a generation and those new humans will look at the old humans as animals. And we already butcher those at an incredible rate.

    Genetic manipulation is also a way to destoy homo sapiens. Don't we live to pass on our genes?

    And if we talk about food and GM, this will be negative in every way. Except the rich people in the world will get even more perfect fruits and vegetables. Also, multinationals will get even richer.
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    you should ask yourself this question: do we have enough time to be able to shape our environment as well as ourselves in such a way where we could establish dominance in our solar system as well as the galaxy, before we destroy each other or get hit by an object with lethal momentum from outer space. we may have 5 or 10 years, or 500 or 50000- its hard to predict exactly what would happen, so as we move along the progress there are more questions than answers that arise. sure, its fascinating to be able to make a super human out of yourself. but look how many humans we have and only one Earth - we need to control our population or we'll die out like the dinosaurs from lack of food and overcrowding
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