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General-audience essays on Big Bang and Inflation

  1. Jul 7, 2008 #1
    Over at my Watered Down Physics blog, I have written a number of essays over the last several months on the Big Bang and Inflationary Cosmology. I am neither a physicist nor astronomer, but I enjoy reading books on these topics intended for a general educated audience. I then attempt to distill the ideas I read about into essay-length treatments. I always make sure to stick closely to my sources, hence you'll see a lot of page citations and web links. Here are my entries, with the dates they were posted:

    January 1, 2008: Introduction to the series; Georges Lemaitre's early ideas

    January 19: Redshifts

    March 30: Big Bang vs. Steady State model

    May 7: Cosmic Microwave Background, Part I

    May 10: CMB, Part II

    May 24: CMB, Part III

    June 18: Cosmological Constant

    July 6: Alan Guth's Inflation model

    I hope you enjoy these.
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