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  1. In the following calculation

    ( ( (5.70 x 10.02) − 7.2356) ÷ 0.014 ) + 1

    the number 1 is defined as exact. Give the correct answer to this calculation with the correct number of significant figures.

    I am having a whole lot trouble with finding the correct significant fig. number, help!!
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  3. Before rounding, you should perform all necessary operations. Since 1 is exact, it isn't considered when rounding (as far as sigfigs go). Simplify the numerator, and carry out the division. Once you have an answer there, round according to the sigfigs in the fraction (it looks like the denominator will be what you go by).

    Post what you come up with.
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    One of your numbers, 0.014, has only two significant figures. You can't be more accurate than your least accurate data.
  5. I think it would be

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