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General Chemistry Help

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    1. [1pt]

    What is the volume in milliliters of 124.5 g of ethanol ?

    2. [1pt]

    A piece of zinc having a mass of 141.5 g is placed in an empty graduated cylinder.
    32.0 mL of water is then poured slowly and carefully into the same cylinder. The final water level would indicate what value for the total number of milliliters in the graduated cylinder ?

    3. [1pt]

    The piece of zinc in the above question has a length of 7.00 cm and a width of 2.80 cm &nbsp. What is the depth of the metal (ie, the third dimension) in centimeters. Use Table 1.1 for reference. Report your answer to two decimal places.

    Convert 7.06e-8 nanometers to meters.

    1 Nanometer= 10^-9, so would it be 70.6 meters??
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    Hint: Density = Mass / Volume, or Volume = Mass / Density

    For the last one = 1 nm = 1x10-9 m,

    so 7.06x10-8 nm = how many meters?
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    i'm assuming you're able to look up the density of the various objects?

    consider the archimedes principle for problem 2. when an object is placed in a less dense liquid, the object will sink. there isn't enough force from the liquid pushing up on the object. what happens to the water the object has displaced? what's the significance of the volume change in the water?
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