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General feeling about USC

  1. Mar 3, 2009 #1

    So far USC HEP Theory is my only definite acceptance(I'm still hanging out for UCSD/UCLA, but since it looks like the first wave as hit, I guess I'm not holding my breath). I don't really know as much as I should about this place as it was my safety more than anything else. I have mixed feeling about it at the moment, I'm an international student(from the UK) and am quite excited at the prospect of moving to LA, and in general about being able to live in another country for a few years etc. But part of me is thinking am I selling myself short, I have a high GPA,and came in the top few of my year at uni, have a masters, and a pub etc, but only an 830 PGRE, which apparently is pretty low compared to most internationals, and has perhaps hindered me. I didnt expect to be going to Harvard or anything, but I thought a top 20 school was within my reach (I'd be very happy with UCLA/UCSD)

    So my question is what is the feeling about USC, is it a respectable place to go to gradschool? Any other info about USC or it's perception, much appreciated

    (I'm not sure if anyone here will have the knowledge to answer my next question, but how does it compare to a non Cambridge/Oxford UK place, say Durham or Edinburgh?)
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    Vanadium 50

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    I would rank USC in maybe the second quartiles of graduate schools. If I had a choice between Durham and USC, I would pick Durham.
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