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General form of wave equation

  1. Mar 16, 2015 #1
    When I deduct the the general form of wave equation, I noticed it has a second order partial derivative form. I am wondering why wave equation has a second order partial derivative form nor a first order partial derivative form?
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    Sorry, I have to ask...
    Could you be more specific about "wave equation"?
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    @Michael95 -- Welcome to the PF. If you wanted your thread moved, you should have clicked the Report button and asked the Mentors to move it. I have deleted your other thread, so this thread here can continue. :smile:
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    Aha, now we are talking....
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    Ha, I see. I am just join PF few minute ago. Thank you for tip.
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    I have upload a picture. There is my deduction process. I wondering why wave equation has a second order partial derivative form?

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    I think because it is boring....Laughing out loud Click me fast!. (Take your time)[Need anything else?]
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    I see. The first oder wave equation can not perfectly describe a wave. Thank you for link.
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    Glad I helped ^_^
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