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General function in two variables

  1. Mar 28, 2012 #1
    I need to get a general function in 2 variables f(m,n).
    The task is to find a general function f(m,n) with these terms:
    The function has to be periodic.
    The function has to include those blue and red points in each example.
    The value of the function has to be f(m,n) =1 ONLY in blue points, and the value of the function has to be f(m,n)=0 ONLY in red points.

    The look of the function isn't important as long as it complies with previous terms.

    You can see a graphicon with charasteristic points:
    In the first example m=2 (m is period).
    In the next example m=3:
    For m=4:
    and so on.
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