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    This is going to sound like a really stupid question, and I hope the atmosphere here isn’t so rarified that it will bother anyone, but if it does, I apologize in advance.

    I heard recently that the Big Bang didn’t happen all in one place. If that’s true, my universe-view has been skewed. Can anyone explain?

    - Dragonfly :surprised
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    The big bang, as we know it, happened in one place, which was the entire universe at that time. There are theories which talk about other big bangs, outside our universe, but this is purely speculative.
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    Yes another way of putting it is to say that the Big Bang happened at every place as every place was just one place in the original 'singularity'.

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    Welcome to Physics Forums, jfh_dragonfly!
    Questions from beginners or experts are welcome here!

    You've hit on a key misconception of Big Bang theory. It was not an explosion of stuff into empty space. It was the rapid expansion of all space. See also my recent description here...
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