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General physics q's

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    The net force acting on a glider on an air track (an essentially frictionless system) varies with time as shown in the following diagram. The vertical scale is such that the space between consecutive vertical gridlines is 4.0 newton(s).

    The glider has a mass of 0.800 kg. When the force is applied to the glider at clock reading t = 0.00, the glider has an initial instantaneous velocity of 0.200 m/s in the positive direction of the x-axis.

    (a) Calculate the momentum of the glider at t = 0.00 s (i.e., the initial momentum).

    (b) Calculate the net impulse imparted to the glider by the applied net force between t = 0.00 and t = 0.60 s.

    (c) Calculate the change in momentum of the glider over this time interval.

    (d) Calculate the momentum of the glider at clock reading t = 0.60 s (i.e., the final momentum)

    (e) Calculate the instantaneous velocity of the glider at clock reading t = 0.60 s.

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    You must show some of your thoughts on solving the problems, that's the rule. Can you state what impulse and momentum are? Also, I can't see the graph, so I can't tell what is going on.
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