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Homework Help: General physics (torque)

  1. May 5, 2008 #1
    A 200-N scaffold is held up by a wire at each end. The scaffold is 18m long. A 650-N box sits 3.0m from the left end. What is the temsion in each wire?

    I have worked this problem several times but none of my answers are close to the choices I have on my paper. I tried it like this FT= -200(9) + 650(3) this is for the right side and FT=200(9)+ 15(650) for the left but it is not correct.

    The choices for the answers are A)left wire=640N;right wire+210N B)left wire+195N; right wire=975N C) Left wire=295N;right wire=1000N D)left wire=520N; right wore=130N.

    Mine do not come close to any of the answers. What have I done wrong. I greatly appreciate your help on this problem. Thank you
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    Doc Al

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    Redo this. What are the torques about the left end? They must add to what? (Be sure to call clockwise torques negative and counterclockwise torques positive.) That should allow you to solve for the tension on the right end.
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