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General question concerning attachments, first time poster ?

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    I am a long time lurker on this forum, soon to be first time poster.

    I have created an Excel Spreadsheet, turned into a pdf document, under 100KB, that I wish to post under the .pdf file with my post.

    Can a Admin PM me why I cannot attach any documents to my posts ?

    Is it because I am a first time poster ? I have replied to Littlemissshhy's inquiry under:
    quantum/cryptography title.

    Thanks in advance...

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    Hmmm this is odd, I logged in on laptop upstairs and the menu for attachments works just fine using Netscape, my version on my desktop downstairs is, which appears not to work.

    I guess I will try updating that version to at least Netscape and see what happens, has this ever happened to anyone else on this forum ?


    I switched to IE 8.0.6001.18828 and everything works just fine.... how odd.....testing attachment now...

    Follow-up to Netscape is NOT the problem, something changed my settings under Netscape: Tools, Options, Content: Advanced button, deselected three of the five options , one of which was to raise or lower windows.... Once I set these properly I was good to go.

    For other users who use Netscape, make sure these advanced java settings are set or you may not be able to use: raise or lower menus or submenus when posting.... grrrr. I hate malware and viruses....
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    Hi rhody,

    I'm a bit baffled why you are using Netscape? It's based off Firefox, so why not just use an updated Firefox? I'm not sure the problem you are having, but since Netscape is not longer developed and accounts for .008% of the users here at PF, we won't be supporting it.

    edit: I see you solved the problem.
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    Thanks Greg, I am a bit old school in some ways.... too many horror stories updating iTunes, other apps, etc.... so if the app is working and causing few problems, then I tend to stick with it, since I am running Vista, I will take your advice and install Firefox, and import bookmarks, etc...

    The main reason for this post is to test links in the attached .pdf file, found that google searches stored from the browser and pasted into the Excel sheet that became a .pdf file do not work, I am searching for a solution now, once those are fixed and the pdf is reformatted correctly it will be useful.

    Thanks again...
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