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General question on fulcrum

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    I am a drummer and have a question in regards to mounting my cymbals. If you have a look at this picture to give a frame of reference: https://www.americandrumschool.com/store/images/boom%20stand%20BS-70D.jpg [Broken].

    Thy cymbal mounts on the top where the black felts are. My question is, if I extend the length of the boom arm, does that make the joint/fulcrum at the top of the vertical part of the stand work harder?

    Thank you.
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    The joint (pivot) would certainly have a harder time of keeping the boom in place.

    Strictly speaking, we wouldn't say it's "working harder"; no movement is taking place so no "work" is being done. More correctly, a bigger "turning moment" (or torque) is being encountered at the joint.
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    Got it. Thank you. So by keeping the boom as short as possible I am decreasing the wear and tear on the the joint.
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    Theoretically, yes. However, if you've bought reasonably decent stands, then they'll have been designed to withstand the torque encountered at full extension, and to withstand the repeated adjustments and disassembly/reassembly caused by heavy gigging.

    I really wouldn't worry about it.
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