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General relativity and quantam - what would happen?

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    Here are my two questions:

    1. At higher speeds objects appear smaller. Fine. Now if a person is in a tornado ride (the circular ride where it spins around and makes you stick to the wall) and the machine is going at sufficient speed, he will measure a longer circumference since his ruler will appear shorter.

    My question is this: wouldn't the entire circular ride appear smaller to an outside observer? Thus cancelling out his shorter ruler? And if the thing kept spinning, would it keep getting smaller and smaller and achieve an immense mass?

    2. Mass is both wave and particle. The double slit experiment. Great. But is it possible that mass is not both wave and particle, rather particles travelling along rippled time-space? Small ripples due to objects surrounding the particle, ripples due to the earth, and even ripples due to the particle itself.

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