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General relativity resources

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    Hi all,
    I'm preparing for my bachelor thesis. I have to study some articles for the mimetic dark matter. But before this my advisor sad to me to study from Landau Vol. 2 Field Theory some General Relativity(it's my first time that I study it), chapters 10 and 11(Particles in a gravitational field and Gravitational Field Equations). Now I'm finishing the book, but there are some questions that I have(for example why the relative position of test bodies can't remain unchanged during time
    Strictly speaking, the number of particles should be greater than four. Since we can construct a tetrahedron from any six line segments, we can always, by a suitable definition of the reference system, make a system of four particles from an invariant tetrahedron. A fortiori, we can fix the particles relative to one another in systems of three or two particles. ) and I think that there are some subtle things in the theory that I missed because are not outlined in the book.
    I'll continue to study from Landau but I think that it's better to have some other reference such as another good book or some notes on the internet. Thank you
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    This question has come up here dozens of times. I suggest a forum search for recommended reading.
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