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General relativity with Maple

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    I am looking for papers, books or any other resources which I can use to work in General Relativity with Maple.

    I know, there is GRTensor tool, but it is not up-to-date as far as I understand from its website (latest test was on Maple 11). I use Maple 15.

    Can you advise me something?
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    Explore build-in tensor package in Maple.
    As far as I know, it allows deal with tensors, their operations, and their use in General Relativity both in the natural basis and in a moving frame.

    Also visit Differential Geometry Library. There are hundreds of exact solutions of Einstein's equations with copyable formulas for Maple, Mathematica, MathML and LaTeX.

    Finally, atlas for Maple - doing calculations in modern differential geometry and its applications.
    There are some examples which may be interested for you:
    Kerr black hole
    Schwarzschild black hole with cosmological constant
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