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General Relativity

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    Hi All,

    I know virtually nothing about General Relativity except that which is shown on the usual PBS channels and would like to delve into it in more depth. My level of understanding physics is at the upper undergraduate to lower graduate level.

    Could someone recommend a textbook for me that would be appropriate for this level?

    The same desire and question applies to String Theory but something tells me that I simply don't have the background to tackle that one. I'm hoping that I have the background to tackle General Relativity in some depth.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I'm a currently reading Schutz's book : A First Course in General Relativity.

    It's quite an easy one, you won't need more than linear algebra, multivariable calculus, mechanics and special relativity (although this last one is covered in the text, but not deeply enough). If you know multilinear algebra and fluid mechanics it will be even more easier.

    As the mathematics in this book aren't always the more rigorous, try reading "Gravity" (Misner, Thorne, Wheeler) once you've read Schutz's (but don't begin with MTW).
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    it's gravitation.
    Assuming I would first learn differential geometry, then could I start learning from MTW?
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    And my personal all-time favorite introductory GR course (rigorous on the maths, but not overdone): Sean Carroll (improved version is also available as a book, but the lecture notes are for free :smile:)
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    I would recommend this one too.
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    I'd second robphy's recommendation of Hartle.
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