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Homework Help: General Rules of Thumb Statics

  1. Oct 28, 2009 #1
    Hello I sometimes have difficulty determining weather a problem is solvable or have trouble gauging the difficulty of a certain approach.

    I think this is because of a weak background in maths

    Say you had a general 2d single rigid body problem
    Which has 2 given forces and 3 unknowns

    i understand that in a 2d equilibrium problem you can get at most 3 independent equations for a member, off course you can write more than that, ie the 4th equation but this will be redundant.

    i also understand to solve a single variable you need to express that variable in terms of a constant ( ie 1 equation 1 constant solves 1 variables)

    so i suppose with 2 constants you should be able to solve 2 variables using 2 equations of statical equilibrium. Using that result i suppose you can solve for the other variable

    I think i have a basic understanding, but does anyone else have some tips for problem solving along these lines?

    Oh yea i also wouldn't mind some tips on when to use method of sections vs method of joints
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