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General system physics Problem solving unknowns

  1. Mar 23, 2012 #1
    A system of masses has a pulley system with two containers directly below two pulley's each filled with water. Water is full in the first container and added to the second. There is a string connecting M1 and M2 to the pulleys, the string is mass less. A scale is on the bottom of the second container with mass 1 and mass 2, mass 1 and mass 2 are connected by a spring with a spring constant of .01N/cm. The scale reads a force of 5mN. The pulleys are mass less and friction less.M1 is 10 grams and has a volume of 10cm, m3 is 20g and has a volume of 10cm. M2 has a mass of 10g and unknown volume.

    Determine unknowns. I'm not asking for a full solve but could anyone guide me on the right way to start this? I'm stumped.
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