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General Tips

  1. Feb 1, 2008 #1
    hi :smile: ,a newbie here, i accidentally reached here, and now i am in love :!!) with PF, a great portal (o:) ) for physics enthusiast a lot to learn from here, kudos to behind the curtains.
    i am into final year of my graduation ( ofcourse! physics). i would like to know some study techniques that u all adopt while learning. i have a bad memory :frown: i can't remember topics learned although i love learning physics. Each time i learn a new topic the past just remains a past e.g when i jump to mechanics after learning Q.M(quantum mechanics) or something other and after a gap when i reverse to Q.M then i need to scratch my head again from nil sometimes it bit frustating :rolleyes: & u all know time factor.
    so my question is how u guys/gals do ur learning. All ideas are welcome from learning derivations to solving problems etc,etc...
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  3. Feb 1, 2008 #2
    Well, I'm in first year of my undergrad, so my method is sort of crude and mot time-tested but it has been working for me till now. Whenever I study some new concept, I try to find a question in which the concept can be used. Using it i solve the problem; Now if there is any alternative method to solve it(& know that), i do it to check my first method, else I ask my seniors or profs; in this way I understand the concept(that's what my definition of understanding is). I would be pleased to get comments on my method too.
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