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Homework Help: General Wave equation

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    Does the equation,
    y = a[log(x – vt)]
    Represent a traveling wave?
    I think the answer is No, because it is not a harmonic function. Is it right?
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    Why don't you just plug it in the d'Alembertian operator and see if both sides are equal?
    [tex]\Box = \nabla^2 - { 1 \over c^2} \frac{ \partial^2} { \partial t^2}[/tex]
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    Yes with [itex]\Box^{2}y = 0[/itex] and the c replaced by v of course so its really a non-relativistic d'Alembertian.

    But more than that you should know what CLASS of solutions can be solutions of the wave equation...harmonic functions is a subset of this class.
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