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Generating of light/energy from the dissassemblement of molecular bonds

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    Is it possible to transform organic matter into light, by breaking the molecular structure, then re-asssemble it into its' original form? Is it possible to transform kinetic energy into light?
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    Well, part of what you are talking about is called
    "burning". Candles, wood. etc. are organic materials transformed into, or at least producing, light via oxidation, which involves the breaking of chemical bonds. It's the putting back together again that poses the proble, Entropy, dontcha know.
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    Yes. An electric gererator, wires, and a light bulb.
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    Reforming energy lost to entropy

    One promising avenue that may lead to technologies that regain energy lost to entropy is a subject of study in the field of non-linear optics called phase conjugation. A phase conjugate mirror is not like an ordinary mirror, in that, the mirror reflects an incoming wave such that the wave obeys what is known as the "Distortion Correction Theorum." See Dr. Beardens works in the arena of pump phase conjugate mirrors located at groups.yahoo.com/group/intalek
    Below is some current work conducted on Self Pump Phase Conjugation and is stated to be the most efficient self pump phase conjugate system created yet.


    Edwin G. Schasteen

    http://www.opticsexpress.org/view_file.cfm?doc=%24%28%2CO%2BIP%20%20%0A&id=%24%28L3%27J%40%20%20%0A [Broken]
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    organic matter into light

    duh.master self adjoint has it , as for reassembling it ,look to nature. energy is never at rest, it is either being used(transformed) or not .although natural regeneration of energy is time consuming, oh you want it " NOW ".
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