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Generating random words

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    Assuming that the theory of everything could be described in words, a super fast computer could generate random letters and words. Somewhere along the line, the works of shakespear would emerge. If we kept going and going, a lot of documents and books would emerge and even new ideas or discoveries or cure for cancer.

    has anyone attempted doing this, or is it even possible?
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    OK so, after a few eons of churning out random words, we come across the string:
    'The cure for cancer is aaaa'

    then, later it churns out the string:
    'The cure for cancer is bghbfu'

    then, eons later it churns out:
    'The cure for cancer is rectangle'
    'The cure for cancer is penicillin'
    'The cure for cancer is quietly'

    You see, churning out random phrases does not provide any meaning.

    Say you get a sequence that says 'The cure for cancer is molybdenum'. Is that the cure for cancer? Who knows? The program also, eons before, churned out 'The cure for cancer is qolybdenum'. In fact, it's churned out every other possible combination of ten-letters as well. How are you any farther ahead?
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